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Pitbull backs Cuban exile community and Jay-Z, disses out-of-touch politicians

April 16th, 2013 | Posted by William Vidal in Cuba travel | Culture | Hard-line hijinks

It must be hard being a Babaloser these days. Their narrow little world is crumbling all around them. First, Obama wins re-election, then we find out 49% of Cuban-Americans voted for him, then Joe Garcia defeats their golden boy David Rivera, then Yoani Sanchez speaks out repeatedly in favor if lifting the Cuban travel ban and embargo (at the Freedom Tower no less!), George Will slams the embargo on ABC’s This Week, and now hometown-boy-made-good, Pitbull pens an “Open Letter” backing Hova.

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Humberto “I-have-voices-in-my-head-and-they-all-blog” Fontova doesn’t want to see it though. He compiles a long list of MSM headlines recognizing that the song supports Jay-Z, and then argues that just as when Bruce Springsteen released “Born in the USA”, people now “hear what they want to hear”.

Actually, it’s pretty clear Mr. Worldwide is paying tribute to the exile community and supporting Jay-Z (two concepts that taken together must make Fontova’s brain melt). The only people who get dissed in the song are the Castro regime and their bizarro twins across the Straits, our Cuban-American politicians who threatened fines and possible jail time for the Brooklyn rapper and his bootylicious Mrs.

But hey, read Pit’s lyrics and be the judge:

Don’t agree with the change Castro talk
But it’s hard to understand unless they educate you
Politicians loves to hate you
But then they runaway when it’s time to debate you
Question of the night, would they have mess with Mr. Carter if he was white?

Now if we only knew which politicians have called for federal investigations on Jay-Z as of late?

Humbi, pipo, mas claro ni el agua. Strap on your tin foil hat because the sky’s a fallin’.


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2 Responses

  • Zigfried says:

    You gotta love the racism that’s running rampant over there these days led by Fontova. I know that all Cuban-Americans aren’t racist but it’s really hard to believe that after visiting that website. They continue to hurt the image of all Cuban-Americans with that blog.

  • William Vidal says:

    Zigfried, I don’t know why you would be inclined to think that one blog represents mainstream Cuban-American views on race.

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