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I don’t understand exile orthodoxy

December 18th, 2012 | Posted by Alex in Uncategorized

Take these people. Your typical close, loving Cuban family, and yet they believe there’s something horribly wrong with one of their sons:

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“I’m very upset with my son,” said Lucy Gomez, 65, interviewed at her $2 million home in a gated Coral Gables neighborhood along a canal near Biscayne Bay. “He’s my son and he has a big heart. But Albert is a Democrat.”

Having a big heart –the kind of heart that leads him to drop everything and spend months coordinating humanitarian aid to Haiti, or volunteering in Sandy-ravaged areas– would be enough to overcome most political differences.  But not here, because he voted for Obama and Obama is a communist who is coming to take away their property just like Castro did in Cuba. Or so goes the myth they have swallowed hook line and sinker since “Kennedy betrayed us”. The father later complains that Obama is “destroying the family”. Maybe he should take a better look at his own political, partisan orthodoxy.

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