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Marco Rubio’s Quote of the Year

December 10th, 2012 | Posted by William Vidal in US Politics

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No, it’s not the one about the age of the Earth (that ranks at #2). Found this delectable truffle inside today’s piercing AP analysis on the impact of Cuban-American election results on US-Cuba policy:

“Every U.S.-Cuba policy decision should be guided by the simple test of whether it helps free political prisoners, stops the daily repression and paves the way for the people to express their will through free and fair elections,” Rubio said.

Mr. Senator, we couldn’t agree more. Let’s start with Helms-Burton – the law you’ve supported until today – shall we? 16 years after codifying what was already an inefficient embargo, and everyone’s still waiting for this policy to bear any of the fruits above. Fail no more. Scrap it tomorrow and move on to travel bans and export restrictions.

No doubt the Senator’s staff just got a call from a certain blowhard-who-shall-not-be-named demanding the Senator’s statement be clarified with “Except for Helms-Burton…” or some tortured malarkey on how Helms-Burton actually is meeting its objectives. We’re anxious to see what they comes up with.

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