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Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart’s hypocrisy about Cuban repressors living in the US

November 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Alex in Hard-line hijinks | Uncategorized | US Politics | WTF?

In a letter so over-the-top that despite being labelled “For Immediate Release” so far you’ll see it only in Blahblahblog where they’ll publish anything that comes down from their master’s (Rivera, Ileana, Mario and Marco) offices even if they themselves don’t have the caradura of publishing it on their respective websites (seriously, you won’t find it here or here, I know because I looked just to make sure it was real), Mario Diaz-Balart loads up on the “Obama is Castro’s best friend” rhetoric:

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“I am outraged that the Obama Administration has once again demonstrated its open door policy toward Castro regime operatives by granting residency to a brutal human rights abuser, and by welcoming a dangerous, convicted spy to the very doorstep of our national government.”

Whoa there! What dangerous criminal an convicted spy did Obama make room in his busy reelection schedule to welcome with empanadas and cafe con leche at MIA? This guy. A former prisons officer (no idea where Mario got the “convicted spy” part) who obviously lied in his application for entry in the United States (and application which I’m assuming it wasn’t personally reviewed and approved by Obama) and who is now living in a small apartment in SW Miami-Dade –or as Mario Diaz-Balart likes to call it “the very doorstep of our national government”. Why aren’t Mario and Ileana drafting articles of impeachment against the President right now, instead of press releases?

(Sometimes I wonder which underpaid pichón de hardliner staffer composes this crap. You really have to have drunk the intransigente Kool Aid from the cradle to believe it, much less write it. And they talk about indoctrination.) But anyway, this is not to diminish what the guy did in Cuba. If it’s true that he was a savage jailer he should be deported, or better yet, indicted in the US for his crimes. Which takes me to my second point: Mario’s brother Lincoln and Ileana were much less strident when it was under a Bush administration that a former Cuban torturer was found living in the US. See for yourself:

“We respectfully request that you direct the Department of Justice to review the existing evidence against Mr. Mederos and seek to revoke his citizenship,” said the letter, which was signed by Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Lincoln Díaz-Balart, both Republicans, at her Sunset Drive office in front of half a dozen of Mederos’ alleged victims. They also are asking Ashcroft to consider prosecuting Mederos.

Quite a difference, right? That’s how it is when the Cuban American representatives in Congress are just a bunch of politically-motivated hypocrites exploiting the suffering of the real victims in Cuba.

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