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Obama TV spot responds to Romney’s crass exile manipulation

November 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Alex in Hard-line hijinks | US Politics

About time. I believe this is the first time a presidential campaign has produced a spot calling out hardliners for their election-time manipulation of the suffering of Cuban exiles.

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For too long, coming over every four years to drink cafecito at Versailles and rile up the viejitos (sometimes ridiculously, remember Romney using Castro’s slogan “Patria o Muerte”?) has been a tried and true Republican campaign tactic. But Romney’s spot went into truly deranged territory. It reeked of desperation, and I’m glad it got the response it deserved.

Predictions: Ninoska will get the vapors, Perez-Roura will babble incoherently, Ileana Ros, Mario Diaz-Balart and Marco Rubio (and Rivera, if he’s not behind bars already) will don guayaberas and act indignant to protect their votes, Claver-Carone will fulminate and the BlahBlahLosers will resurrect every tired hardliner slogan, from “Kennedy nos traicionó” to Carter visiting Havana (without allowing comments, because you know, they don’t even believe enough in their BS to defend it against pinko communists.)

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